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Our summer 2003 trip was to follow the route of the Vikings, who were the first non-indigenous visitors to North America.  We chose to start in Edinburgh even thought the Vikings didn't.  There were no festivals in those years, or else the Vikings might have started there also.  

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Edinburgh Castle is Scotland's major tourist attraction.  It is spectacular.

Everyone walks to the Tattoo.  The crowds in the streets walking to the Castle are impressive.

Presented in the castle esplanade, the Military Tattoo is a great spectacle.

At the other end of the Royal Mile from the Castle is Holyrood Palace, summer home of the Queen and family.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is pretty funky.  These South African musicians are among thousands of performers participating.


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The floral clock in Princes Park is quite popular.

Here are some more spectacular blooms on display in Princes Park, in the heart of the city.

Somewhat removed from the city are the Royal Botanical Gardens.  These are among the best gardens we have seen.

Here is another scene from the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Very tranquil.

Not far from town is the Royal & Ancient at St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf.


Lerwick, Shetland Islands

The first port of call on our cruise, Lerwick is a charming little town.  The Vikings were here.

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Lerwick is very picturesque.

As in Edinburgh, there are many little alleys called closes.

Fort Charlotte was built in the seventeenth century

This is the view from the fort.

The Lodberries are houses built at the water's edge.