121-2181_IMG.JPG (128223 bytes)cypix1.JPG (131675 bytes)Have you seen the Master Card ad where all these old guys and their wives are at a reunion, and everyone is overweight and losing their hair, and they're all jumping in the water and looking pretty foolish?  Well ours wasn't like that - nobody jumped in the water.  Mostly we just took pictures of each other (Burt took at least 500) and told the same stories we told the last time we got together.

121-2178_IMG.JPG (144468 bytes)We stayed at a very nice resort in Cauatla called Cocoyoc (coyote in an indigenous language).  The resort was a sugar plantation in the sixteenth century and was once the home of Moctezuma and Benito Juarez.  Much of the old hacienda has been preserved and incorporated into the new buildings.

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Ed  planning his hostile takeover of Intel.

The original aqueduct has been beautifully preserved.

One of eight swimming pools integrating part of the original hacienda.

Si  and Mike G. in a tranquil moment.

Mike L. checks out one of the original buildings which has been converted to a disco


We took a side trip to Taxco.  This is a lovely old city whose only apparent industry is selling silver to American tourists.  We had a great lunch at a restaurant which was accessible by cable car.

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The view from the restaurant.

Our hostess Trini  tries to keep from losing her hat.

The Segal's were the first to try the cable car.  Lynne looks a little nervous.

Joan  and Leonora check out the gold in Taxco's main church.

The town square where you can buy ice cream, popcorn and....silver.

On our final day together we went to the Xochicalco ruins near Cuernavaca to see the Temple of the Plumed Serpent, and then on to Mexico City where we visited the famous Museum of Anthropology.

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The Phi Sig Expedition looking for photo ops at Xochicalco.

Pat admiring the Temple of the Plumed Serpent.  The walls are beautifully preserved.

This snake had a pretty good set of choppers as well as a forked tongue.

The museum in Mexico City houses a great collection of pre-Columbian art.

Perhaps inspired by the art work, Lenny and Carol forget where they are.