Our first visit to Montreal was a success.  The city is tourist-friendly, but the preponderance of French language gives it an exotic flair.  Old Montreal has been nicely preserved/restored with lots of interesting shops and restaurants and things to do for everyone.  The subway system is handy and can get you everywhere quite quickly.  We hiked up Mount Royal for a fabulous look at the city.  We also did the Grayline bus tour and the St. Lawrence River tour on a boat.  The boys (3 out of 4) went to Olympic Stadium to see the Expos take on the Boston Red Sox.  More than 90% of the spectators were Red Sox fans who had driven up from New England for the weekend.

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Johnny takes Tutu for a stroll up Mount Royal.

The view from the top showing the St. Lawrence River.

Pat and all of her boys enjoying the view.

Inside the Biodome at Olympic Park.

Montreal is full of parks with play areas segregated by age groups.


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Johnny got a chance to show off his sea legs.

Three generations on the St. Lawrence River.

Johnny and Margaret enjoy a boat ride.

One of many beautiful spots at the Botanical Gardens.

An impressive church in Montreal.


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These apartments were designed by an architect on LSD.

Montreal is a flower garden in the summer.

Uncle Andy shows Johnny how to make nice to a horse.

View from the funicular at the Tower of Montreal.

A tender scene from the Insectarium at Olympic Park.