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Our apartment had a nice view of downtown Melbourne

The Exhibition Hall is one of Melbourne's great old buildings

The Melbourne Museum features the work of Lin Onus.  Here is a signature  dingo.

Lin's son Tiriki and Michael Eather have created a flotilla of stingrays.

The seventy stingrays are a memorial to the renowned Australian artist.


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The Royal Botanical Gardens are very colorful.

This lake in the Gardens is home to many birds.

One of the lake's black swans.

Excessive population growth of the fruit bats (flying foxes) is becoming a problem.

A view of downtown Melbourne from the Yarra River.


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This bronze sculpture is named Three Businessmen.  Rumor has them working for BHP.

Drinks break at the cricket features a large Gatorade.

An interesting Lin Onus canvas.  Lin's burial totem is in the foreground.

The painting on the left is by Ginger Riley (of Ginger and My Third Wife...)

The Levy's and Maxwell's at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.


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All the press camera's were pointing in one direction - toward Anna K.

When Anna K. made her exit so did the press.

You can get close to the animals at the Healesville Sanctuary.  Here is an emu.

Here is a koala in a gum tree at Healesville.

A couple of kangas take a break at the Melbourne Zoo.


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Sorrento is located on Port Philip Bay.  The water is very calm.

The Southern Ocean is on the other side of the peninsula less than two miles away.

The Shrine of Remembrance is a Melbourne landmark.  It memorializes Australia's war heroes.

Fitzroy Gardens in East Melb.  This used to be Lew's commute to work on Collins Street.

The city Library seems to be experiencing a sinking problem.