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Ever wonder why the Levy and Solomons boys are so good looking?  It's the genes, baby!  While rummaging around in the attic the other day we came across some great old photos from the family archives.  Click on the pictures below to see them full-size.


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Pat's mother, Grace Harribine.  Wasn't she a beauty?  Probably about 1925

Lew's parents,John and Kay,  around the time of their wedding.  This was taken in 1938.

Pat's father, Cecil Brown, and his sister Florence.  He was 4 years old in this 1903 photo.

The Eaton kids, Herman and Kay in 1920.

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The Levy family circa 1930.  Seated in the front row are John's father Michael, sister Ruth, and mother Rose.  Standing are brothers Irving and Sam, John and sister Molly.

Kay's mother and father, Rose and Louis.  Probably taken between 1900 and 1910.

I'm not sure if this is Ma Barker and her outlaw sons, or Grandma Rose and sons Sam and John.

An instant classic - Mikey and Ross in 1968.


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Pat as a young Belle of the South in front of her house in Baton Rouge.

Mike showing off one of his card tricks while Ross hams it up.