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JUNE 2006


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Friday night dinner at the Staurolite Inn.  top row - Eugene Peppers, Russel Peppers, Marilyn Brown Southworth, Elaine Peppers, Barbara Brown, Derek Krumweide, Elissa Peppers Krumweide.  middle row - Ben Brown, Pat Brown Levy, Carolyn Brown Hellwig, Don Brown, David Brown, Winifred Peppers Gibbs, Peggy Peppers.  front row - Lew Levy, LV (no dots) Brown, George Brown, Carrie Brown, Bob Peppers. (click picture to see full size)


click here to see a chart of Brown family relationships

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Friday and Saturday

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Bob Peppers tells all at the Friday dinner.  George, Winifred, and Peggy look on.

Winifred did a great job organizing the Friday dinner and coaxing everyone to speak.

Pat and cousin Marilyn in the McCrory Gardens, part of the university.

Dressed up for the gala - Eugene Peppers, Russel (one L) Peppers and David Brown.

At the Saturday night gala - Uncle George Brown, his daughters Barbara and Marilyn, and wife Carrie.

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Pat poses proudly alongside a picture of her grandfather George Lincoln Brown, former president of SDSU.

Peggy and Bob Peppers enjoy a glass of wine with LV Brown.

LV Brown and his daughter Caroline Brown Hellwig.

Uncle George got a little tired of all the photographs.

The campanile is the landmark of SDSU.  Pat climbed the stairs to the top and enjoyed the view.

A Visit to the Brown Family Plot 

(thanks to Barbara Brown for this picture)



Sunday Brunch

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Russel  Peppers and family - wife Elaine, son Eugene, daughter Elissa, and son-in-law Derek.

Richard Peppers, Don Brown with his summer cap, Pat, Elaine, and Winifred.

Pat's niece Jane with her daughter Holiday.

Niece Grace with son Tom and daughter Meg.

Breakfast at Perkins - a difficult selection for LV, Dolly, Richard and Ben.