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While temperatures stayed over 100 in Texas,  the Levy-Solomons clan escaped to Wisconsin for a great week on Blass Lake.  We rented a four bedroom place called the Lakehaus.  Fishing was supposed to be good, but until Mark snagged a largemouth bass on the last day we had been skunked all week.  We had lots of fun at the water and amusement parks.  The Dells is famous for interesting rock formations on the Wisconsin River, so we took a couple of boat trips, one on an army "duck" and the other on a conventional boat.  We had an interesting side trip to see the International Crane Foundation reserve at Baraboo.

The Lakehaus 

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Andy shows off his canoeing skills.

Mike and Mark take Johnny and Katie for a spin in the rowboat.

Pat and Andy enjoy the water in Blass Lake.

After a frustrating week, Mark landed this bass with Johnny's assistance.

There isn't much gourmet food in the Dells area but there are exceptions

The Dells Water Parks and Amusement Parks

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Only Mark and Andy (shown here) were brave enough to try the Point of No Return.

Katie enjoyed this mini roller coaster.

This roller coaster hits the water making a giant splash.  Mark and Margaret raised their arms, but Pat and Johnny just held on.

Katie was leading the go-kart race against her brother until she had a run-in with the wall.

Pat impressed the onlookers with her driving skills.

Wisconsin River

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Mike and Andy aboard a Dells cruiser in the Upper Dells.

This rock formation in the Lower Dells looks like a hawk's beak.

The cliffs are higher in the Upper Dells.

This formation is supposed to look like Chief Blackhawk.  You have to use your imagination.

Stand Rock is the symbol of the Dells.

International Crane Foundation

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This is a whooping crane family including a new born chick.

The blue crane is the national bird of South Africa.

This crane has a spectacular crown.

Demoiselle cranes are the smallest in the family and look pretty silly.

Many cranes have red patches on their heads which they use as a threat.