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Australia - January 2006


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 Pat thought Tommy Haas was the best-looking player at the Australian Open.

 There is nothing more relaxing than spending a few hours roaming in the Royal Botanical Gardens

 In a recent country-wide poll Federation Square was voted the ugliest spot in Australia.  The people in Melbourne have gotten used to it and now like it.

 Flemington - we bet on number 10, but all the other horses were running from right to left.  Just kidding - he actually won for us.

 The Volvo Ocean Race boats were in Melbourne for a stopover.  En route from South Africa this boat set a record by covering 560 miles in one day.


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Our bridge buddies, the Snashalls, invited some friends over and threw some shrimps on the barby.  Some local vintage was sampled.

Melbourne's redeveloped Southbank area is a great setting for an afternoon refresher.  Here Pat visits with Jenny Gascoyne.

We spent a weekend with Heather Carmody and Anthony Baird at their farm in Kyneton.  Raising organic veggies means lots of time weeding and killing bugs.

On a bush walk, Lew stepped on a ram's skeletal remains.  The skull and horns are now part of the Kyneton farm decor.

Southeast Australia is suffering from a serious drought.  Here Pat and Anthony walk on what was a river on our last visit.


Sunshine Coast (Mooloolaba)


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 Pat enjoyed breakfast on the patio at Paul and Judy Hughes' home.  The fruit and the breezes were always fresh.

 Fifteen minutes drive from the coast one can enjoy spectacular scenery.  Lew bought an Akubra hat in a small mountain village.

 The Akubra is great for keeping the sun off your ears and out of your eyes.  In the background is the city of Maroochydore.

 Situated on a canal, an aluminum boat with an outboard motor is the principal mode of transport.  Pat and Judy were assigned to the back seat.

 Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular on the Sunshine Coast.  Can't remember which this is.