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Lanai 2003


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The oceanfront Manele Bay Resort is completely isolated, about 8 miles outside Lanai City.

This was the view from our lanai (balcony).

Talk about secluded beaches - this one has no way in or out.

Pu'u Pehe Rock, near Manele Bay,  is 80 feet tall and also known as Sweetheart Rock.

We did a little unintentional body-surfing at the beach in front of the hotel.


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Pat lines up a putt at the Challenge at Manele course. 

The Experience at Koele course is beautifully landscaped.

Pat holds the flag as her playing partner gets ready for the first of three putts.

Look closely and you will se the ball in flight.

Wild turkeys are an unusual hazard at the Lanai courses.