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The backyard was laid out like a military base, with well-labeled areas for training, eating and R&R.  All of the guests, adults and kids alike, wore military dog tags, which looked like the real thing.  


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The obstacle course turned out to be the most popular venue.  The soldiers hade to run through tires, climb over a wall, crawl under wire, and cross over a narrow bridge over a mud pond.  Each participant was timed and low scores won a prize.


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Face camouflage was the order of the day, but some, like Katie, took it more seriously than others.


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The adults had a good time watching the kids.  Although the temperature was a bit high, plenty of liquid refreshments kept everyone cool.


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Uncle Andy kept the kids entertained on the obstacle course and at R&R.  Margaret is a very creative cake maker, but this replica of a tank may be her best yet.  The day finished off with a real Texas tradition - Blue Bell ice cream.