Johnny's First Birthday - August 27,2000

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This is where Daddy works.

I find this mildly amusing.

Get that thing out of my face!

Okay, I'll humor him for a while.


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If I do this right, I think I can fly.

Wait a minute.  I think it's working.

My grandma is real proud of me.

Forget it Aunt Monica - I ain't givin' you nothin'.


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Now that's what I call a cake!

The proud mama.

White cake. You know I prefer chocolate.

That's more like it!

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See. You can get it all over your face.

I think you're supposed to eat the top part.

This fire truck is the best tasting toy yet.

I think I'll hide behind these plastic thingees.

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A wheel-chair ready school bus. This is serious.

Either I'm getting smaller or Lego's are getting bigger.

This floor is way too neat.

My own ghetto-blaster. Let's rave baby.

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Think I'll see if I can knock these towers down together.



I am sooo big.