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Trip to Alaska August 2013


Three generations of the Levy-Solomons clan flew to Seattle for a one week round trip cruise to Alaska and British Columbia aboard the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas.  A one way trip to Alaska is more scenic but we did the round to simplify the logistics.  The weather is somewhat iffy in late August but we were blessed with fine days except the sea days when we had mostly indoor activities  anyway.

Margaret  put John on a plane in Boston while Pat, Lew and Andy flew by way of Houston.   Fortunately all flights arrived at the same time, although in different terminals. Andy went to meet John at his gate and all connections worked.

  Seattle is a beautiful city especially on sunny days.


Our first port of call in Alaska was in the state capital Juneau.  Pat, Andy, and John went on an excursion to see whales, followed by a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier.  





Our second stop in Alaska was at Skagway.  Tourism has kept this city alive.  Following the gold rush there was no other reason for it to exist.  The highlight of this part of Alaska is the narrow gauge railroad trip to the gold fields across the border in the Yukon.  The ride is very scenic and the guide is very knowledgeable.



Heading south, we diverted for a few hours by entering the Tracy Arm fjord.  At the end of the fjord is a large glacier that we traversed several times, affording everyone a good view.  The ship's crew did a good job of avoiding the large ice floes the were calving off the terminus of the glacier.






It was pretty cold, but it was possible to warm up in your cabin and see the glacier on the television.

Our final stop was in Victoria B.C.  We had an excellent tour of the city on a "Hippo" bus.  This is a combination tour bus and tour boat, leaving land and driving right into the harbor.  Victoria continues to be one of the world's most beautiful cities.

If you look closely at the right side of this photo you can see another one of the Hippo boats.